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Mail merge converting template doc

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Mail merge converting template doc

I have created a template through Act/Word and it looks fine in print layout mode.  When it is merged it converts to  web layout mode which ruins the formatting.

 Template layoutTemplate layoutLayout after mail mergeLayout after mail merge

Running Act Pro 19 and Word 2016 on Windows 10

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Re: Mail merge converting template doc

There are a few things to bear in mind when creating a template in word for use as an email - it's hard to say exactly what's gone wrong here, but here's a few guidelines that may help:

1) Don't use the header or footer sections of the word document, put all content within the main body.

2) Make sure images are inserted "in line" with text, using Square or Behind/ In Front of text positioning can cause problems when merged.

3) Try not to use tables in word, they usually do work, but can have some strange issues - especially if there are images in the tables.

You might need to play around with other formatting options - especially with regards to images - to make sure things display correctly.