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Mail Merge in Word

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Mail Merge in Word



I have a problem creating new templates in ACT.  Firstly, the box giving me mail merge options doesn't pop up, so I have to just edit an existing template which already contains the mail merge fields I require.  Then when I run the mail merge, the fields do not pull the data through - it just says for example 'Dear <Salutation>'


I've also tried using the ACT word processor but that gives the same issue.


I'm using:

ACT Pro 2012 Hotfix 2

Word 2010

Database is a shared database stored on our Server

My computer is WIndows 7, we also have Windows XP machines using ACT with the same issue


Can anyone help with this?



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Re: Mail Merge in Word

Hello Bridge,

Welcome to the Sage ACT! Online Community!


To verify the issue:  You can click on Write > New Letter/E-mail Template and Word will open; however, within Word you do not see the Add-ins tab (which would contain the ACT! 'Show Field List' option) - is that correct?


If that is the case, it would indicate the add-on is not enabled.  Here is an article addressing that: KB Article 13569

Greg Martin
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Re: Mail Merge in Word

[ Edited ]

Hi Bridge,


I didn't read where you were using a add-on? But I see Gregs point. Rite on.


In addition, You shoud also be on act2012 pro svc pak1 hotfix5 ?  not sure about uk version?

That may resolve?

Also note: All users must have same version / build 

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Re: Mail Merge in Word

Great - thanks for your help.  This forces the mail merge box up with the options. I still have an issue with just one of my templates where the merge doesn't work - it just prints the field titles.  I'll just have to re-write the template - typically it's a big template with images and backdrops in it so it will take ages to do!

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Re: Mail Merge in Word



I am looking for an addon program for Act 2012.  I am trying to use the info (mail merge) from products and opportunities to mail merge them into a contract with the clients info...any such animal available?


Thanks in advance,



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Re: Mail Merge in Word

This add-on will create an Excel file with all you need. (Done well looks just like word.) which you can then save as a PDF.