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Mail Merge data from both Company and Contact

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Mail Merge data from both Company and Contact

Using ACT! by Sage 2006 Version


I am trying to create a Mail Merge document containing information from the CONTACT as well as the COMPANY the contact is LINKED to. 


Two possible options -

  • When creating a mail merge, can COMPANY fields be placed in the mail merge document?
  • Can when linking to a COMPANY - CONTACT fields be automatically updated?

For instance:  A CONTACT is a LINKED to a COMPANY - when I create the mail merge letter - I need it to include accounts numbers specific for the company the contact is part of.  Those occasionally change, and there are constantly new CONTACTS being added as LINKED members to the company.


Is this possible or does the COMPANY only track activities and notes?



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Re: Mail Merge data from both Company and Contact

Templates are contact based.  You will not be able to add company fields.


If the contact is linked to a company, it will prompt to update linked contacts when you make changes to the company.

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Re: Mail Merge data from both Company and Contact

This hasn't changed with new versions has it?


I want to be able to Mail merge a Word doc to a Company or preferable a Division.

Need the associated Contact names from that division included in the letter as just names.


In other words.

Mail Merge to a word doc for SCHMOE company, JOE division and list the contact names which are part of that division (mark, judy, sam).


Doesn't sound promising...

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Re: Mail Merge data from both Company and Contact

We are ACT! developers and soon to list a Mail Merge from Company utility. It is designed primarily for e-mail merge. I am interested in your requirements as if it is a popular need then we will take a look at providing a document merge as you suggest. 


Do others have suggestions for Company/Contact merge functionality in ACT!?

Graeme Leo
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