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Mail Merge Field for Secondary contact

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Mail Merge Field for Secondary contact

I am creating a new template and need to add the Secondary contact to this document, but when looking through the mail merge fields in Microsoft Word 2002, I do not see anything there. I can find the primary contact, but not the secondary contact. When I have a contact that has an assistant, I put them in the secondary field. The template I am creating needs to have the assistant name , number and email address in it. I am using Act 8.02.82. Any thoughts as to why this is, or a better solution? Thanks.
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Re: Mail Merge Field for Secondary contact

Out of the box, this isn't possible.Secondary contacts are a separate entity from the main contact.
There is an Add-on product called Opportunity List Plus made by Durkin Computing. This products has some added capability to access more of the internal ACT tables and merge them into templates. You'll have to contact them directly to get the specifics.
Ben Leong
Certified ACT! Consultant