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Mail Merge Envelope Problem

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Mail Merge Envelope Problem

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When I do a successful mail merge and print my letters, ACT version brings up a prompt that asks if I want to create a history item and print envelopes. I create a history item and click to print envelopes. Act asks me what kind of template i want and then prompts me to define the filters. The only oprions are Current contact, Current lookup, or all contacts. I want to print envelopes for the contacts I just printed letters for. How can I do this?


The contacts I printed the letter for all belong to one group. I started the mail merge by specifying that group and sending it to word. I can't do this for envelopes.


Current contact would print one envelope, current lookup prints envelopes for every contact in the database, and all contacts would print envelopes for every contact in the database also. I tried to do a lookup for the group so I could use current lookup to print them but you can't use lookup for groups. I just want to print envelopes for all the contacts in the group right after I mail merge letters to all contacts in that group. Please help!

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Re: Mail Merge Envelope Problem

while the mail merge letter will work from a group, the envelope, which is actually a form of a report, won't. What you need to do instead of doing the mail merge directly from the group is open the group screen and right click on your group name in the group tree and select create lookup from the context menu. Then you can do the mail merge for the current lookup and print envelopes for the current lookup.

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