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Mail Merge Act! v17 Word 2013 not CTR version

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Mail Merge Act! v17 Word 2013 not CTR version

When using the built-in mail-merge function with Act!, two errors occur that lead me to believe I have something wrong with my configuration. 

1. The first mail-merge to Word document each session (after both have been closed) produces a blank document. Run it again and the document populates with the template and the Act! data properly.

2.  The first attempt to save a merged document takes me to a directory specified as the default in Act!, then I have to navigate to the directory I really want to save the document in. Click save, and it doesn't save, but the path to the target folder reverts to the one specified as the default in Act!. Try again and it works.

Does anyone else experience this, and if so, is there a fix?

Many thanks!


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Re: Mail Merge Act! v17 Word 2013 not CTR version

I haven't personally run into this but a couple of things that I can recommend offhand would be if you installed your Microsoft Office after you installed Act!, Office has to be installed before you install Act! in order for it to function properly, so you may want to uninstall and reinstall Act! (if that's your case)


Another thing you can try is to rename the normal.dotm file associated with Word. I've seen this resolve issues between Act! and Word. 


Other things to consider - Are these templates default templates, or are they custom? Does this happen only on one database, or all databases? If you have multiple users, does it happen to all users in the database?

Elise O.
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