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MagicJack as ACT! Dialer! It works.

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MagicJack as ACT! Dialer! It works.

Smiley Happy I posted a query about using the ACT! dialer with MagicJack. John Purdy responded by suggesting the Exponenciel site,​107.  Exponenciel has several Add-ons for ACT!, all current versions, including 2011.  I have made a few calls using the add-on from my ACT!-MagicJack.  The calls go through, no problem, and the phone menu pops up so you can immediately enter it.


SO FAR SO GOOD!  MagicJack at $35 /year working with ACT!


A very happy, Smiley Very Happy


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Re: MagicJack as ACT! Dialer! It works.

Thank you for providing your experience.
Greg Martin