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MagicJack and ACT!

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MagicJack and ACT!

Ver 10


Has anyone set up a MagicJack to work with ACT! ?


(MagicJack is a VoIP using any regular telephone.)

John Purdy
ACT! Premium V. 18
HP ENVY 17m, 16GB, & Office 365, 32bit, 1TB HDD.
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Re: MagicJack and ACT!

No MagicJack, thier product is a very simple VoIP based solution, it doesn't work well with programming or automation..


You should have a look at our product, Call On CRM for ACT! - It's a much more robust solution than VoIP Addon, and supports a large number of communication carriers.  It was written from the groud up to support SIP based technology, not TAPI. It works with carriers like: Alteva, SimpleSignal, Telesphere, CommPartners, EvolveIP, Unity Business Networks,. ISN Telecom, Telovations, and many more...


Call On CRM offers:


  • Click to Dial - Increase ACT! user productivity by offering click to dial right from your ACT! contact record.
  • Call Histories - Create call histories and follow-up activities with automatic tracking of calling activity in the customer record.
  • Screen Pops - Help your customers provide better service when inbound calls ring and automatically triggers a screen pop of ACT! customer information to their desktop PC.
  • Powerful VoIP Softswitch - Complete IP business telephone system is used as the foundation of the Call On CRM Solution.
  • Unified Voice Messaging - Powerful unified messaging included a part of the Hosted VoIP solution. Retrieve your voicemails from anywhere or have them arrive via e-mail.
  • Web-based call routing - Change the way your calls get routed with Simultaneous ring, remote office and more with this easy-to-use GUI application.
  • Integration with business applications - Seamlessly integrates with 10.0 and later version of ACT! CRM as standard.
  • Self management and reporting CRM software solution - Simplified Web based management and reporting eliminates the need for expensive 3rd party support. 
  • Multi-line support - Our advanced call handling solution allows simultaneous handling of multiple inbound and outbound calls.
  • Conferencing - One click conferencing with multiple callers, just dial and start
  • Reverse Lookup - Advanced Web 2.0 Integration with and APIs to lookup contact info by phone number, contact name or company.


Our product is also availble in Sage's Add-on Store:


CRM Integration Systems, LLC.
(480) 385-2512 office (888) 90-CRMIS toll free
Do you Call On CRM!?
"Seamless integration of ACT! by Sage with BroadSoft "hosted PBX" VoIP platform & Skype!"
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Re: MagicJack and ACT!

Hi John,




Gilles Cavin 

Gilles Cavin
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Re: MagicJack and ACT!

Gilles Cavin to the rescue again!


:: Gabriel H ::

:: ACC ::

Contactik Inc. 

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Re: MagicJack and ACT!

  • What level of MagicJack do I need to subscribe to?
  • Will this solution work with ACT! version 18 and Windows 7 Pro?
  • Do I have to manually enable anything in Control Panel
  • Is MagicJack carrier independent?
  • Can I use this setup anywhere, as long as I have WiFi connectivity?
  • My laptop does not have any modem, do I use the MagicJack modem?
  • Is interfacing the Universal Dialer Plugin for ACT! with MagicJack simple?
  • As long as I have WiFi connectivity, will I be able to use the Universal Dialer Plugin for ACT! with MagicJack solution?