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MS Security fix KB 960715 and ACT! (6 or SQL)

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MS Security fix KB 960715 and ACT! (6 or SQL)

Susan Bradley reports that KB 960715 causes problems with ACT!. This was part of last patch Tuesday and "includes an ActiveX kill bit that also affects some custom VBA controls." She did not know if the problem was with ACT! or applications that use the VBA controls and plug into ACT!.


Has anyone experienced problems? Does anyone know if this would affect ACT! 6? ACT! 2009?





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Re: MS Security fix KB 960715 and ACT! (6 or SQL)



As I understand this affects applications written with VB so this could very well affect the interface between ACT and Word and or Outlook especially in version 6. I have not noticed this with any of my clients over the past week because of this although generally in this part of the world it might be 10 days before we begin to hear screams from the gallery

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Re: MS Security fix KB 960715 and ACT! (6 or SQL)

Paul, you are right.  It's mostly a worry for ACT 6.0.  Here's what Don, my hubbie, figured out.



This look like an excerpt from the Windows Secrets newsletter that I subscribe to. I got this email yesterday and did some research last night.

My best impression is that this affects ACT! 6.0 and earlier only - not ACT! SQL/.NET. And only on a machine that has this patch installed but not a previous patch that provided an updated (fixed) version to the code that this fix disables. But it could affect a system with both fixes on if ACT! calls the affected program through its "old" name only - the one that was disabled.


The affected code is an ActiveX control called msflxgrd.ocx (Microsoft Flex Grid) which was part of Visual Basic 6.0. I can find this file on a machine with (or had) ACT! 6.0 on it but not on a machine with ACT! 2009 only on it (the only cases I checked).


Hope this helps.


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