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MS Outlook Instability with ACT connected

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MS Outlook Instability with ACT connected

I am using ACT! by Sage 2009 (11.0) Version, Hotfix 1 with MS Office 2003.  I have ACT and Outlook integrated and Office was installed first.  It is on an HP NC6400 with a 1.8 GHz processor and 1.0 GB of RAM.  I regularly look for updates and install them from both Sage and Microsoft.


In the past year, I have noticed that I have had quite a few problems with MS Outlook 2003.  I receive messages that Outlook has encountered a problem and must close.  I frequently lose the ACT toolbar, the ACT icons from the "Standard" toolbar, and the ACT commands from the menus.  It gets worse if I enable the automatic attachment of incoming email to ACT contacts.


In some cases, I have been using it, then walk away from it for the night, and return in the morning to find that a message arrived and Outlook has crashed (leaving me the message that Outlook has encountered an error and must close).


Any suggestions to resolve this issue?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: MS Outlook Instability with ACT connected

I would suggest a couple of things


a) Get more RAM. A closer look at your system will probably show the reason Outlook is having issues is because it runs out of usable RAM


b) Reboot at least once per day with only 1Gb and at least once per week with 2Gb. This will refresh the system.


c) Make sure that you have applied all of the updates to Outlook


d) Make sure that your virtual file is more than 1.5 time to installed physical RAM


You should then find the stability improves.

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