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MS DOS version database - convert / export ?

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MS DOS version database - convert / export ?


I have a very old ACT database from 15 years ago in a DOS version.


Trouble is I don't have such an old computer any more to run it...

Can I convert it? Can it be run on one of the new versions of ACT (I do not have any version

in PT, so I can not try).


Or can I export that into some format readable in Excel or maybe Outlook, or whatever other program?

I have to get this data out of there somehow. Any info appreciated. 



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Re: MS DOS version database - convert / export ?

You can download the ACT! 6.0 Trial from -

The follow this ACT! Knowledge Base article -


Then you can convert the ACT! 6.0 database to the current version as per this ACT! Knowledge Base article -