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Dear ACT! community-

I am new to ACT! 2007. HOW would you recommend I input performances I have had as a magician/speaker/workshop giver etc??

SPECIFICALLY I wish to know where to record SHOWS DONE or the like so that I can run reports for time periods and know up to date how many I have done and the accompanying clients? Keep in mind-

1- I may do multiple shows in one site on one day.

2- I do not wish to use one of the User Defined fields because I may work more than one time in a year for a client and that it seems would tie of User Fields

3- I wish the best advice so I can also run graphs and charts with the date, not simply a total of performances done.


At first glance maybe the Opportunity field would be good? I am not so sure since it cannot contain all the details except in a note form.

Or, maybe can I put directly into history?


I thank all of you in advance. Please, if you post to the forum  cc me to my email

Wondermakingly yours,

Michael Tulkoff

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Re: MAGICIAN seeks ADVICE Please

Sounds like you should be using the ACT! Scheduling features;

Schedule Meetings

Manage Events


That's the best suggestion I can pull out of my hat  - Cheers - FSB

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