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Lotus Notes 7.02 and ACT! 2009 and Windows Vista

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Lotus Notes 7.02 and ACT! 2009 and Windows Vista

My set-up for a few months was: Lotus Notes 6.5, ACT! 2009 (sync'ed remote database) and Windows XP.....the e-mail integration worked fine.


My laptop failed spectacularly so bought a new one.  Install gave: Lotus Notes 6.5, ACT! 2009 and Windows Vista.....e-mail integration did not work although the set-up completes successfully.  On clicking an e-mail address in ACT!, ACT! E-mail opened and says that it is synchronizing with Lotus Notes.  No Lotus Notes folders appear and the process eventually times out.  Contacted ACT! support and told that Lotus Notes 6.5 is not supported under Vista.  7.0.2 or 8 is required.


Installed Lotus Notes 7.0.2 - same problem.


Uninstalled and re-installed ACT! - same problem.


Any ideas guys?

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Re: Lotus Notes 7.02 and ACT! 2009 and Windows Vista

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I am having exactly the same problem and suspect when I uninstall Lotus Notes it does not completely uninstall.  Then the reinstall does not solve the problem.

I do not have the knowledge to ensure all registry entries etc are removed before reinstalling.  Can anyone help

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