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Lost notes and field information updates

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Lost notes and field information updates

Six users (4 wired, 2 remote synch), using 2009 Version, HF1. on a Windows 2003 SP2 server. All PC's are XP2 Pro SP3.


One remote user reports that infrequently, notes he typed in are vanishing and field information (names, etc.) that he updates changes back to previous data. He swears that he has typed notes into the database and when he returns to that contact (it may be some days before he views that same contact again) the notes will not be there. He claims the same thing for field data. No rhythm, reason, pattern or frequency.


No one else reports this problem, anyone have an idea on how to start figuring this one out?


Thanks for your help.


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Re: Lost notes and field information updates

Sometimes, when I create a new contact and immediately create a note for that contact, the note ends up in the contact that I had previously viewed.  For instance, if I am looking at Joe, and then I create Jane and enter note information, it will end up in Joe's contact record.  ACT! 2011 HF4 Win7