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Lost database settings

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Lost database settings

I have inherited a problem with an ACT 9 database.  The history goes like this:


The were using a shared database running on an XP pc.  The database was then moved to a SBS 2003 server by copying all the files from the XP pc to a folder on the server and setting the pcs to use that folder.  This worked after a fashion but if the original pc was switched off, no-one could get into ACT.  The inevitable then happened and the original pc has died, so no-one can access ACT.


This is where I came in, with no ACT knowledge at all....... 

I created a new database and imported the ACT data from a backup copy into it. All the data seems to be there in that there are the correct number of records, but the layout is different.  I've tried replacing the layout folder with the one from the backup copy, but it obviously isn't that simple.


My apologies if I'm being really dim here, but as I say I have no ACT experience. 


Any advice gratefully received!


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Re: Lost database settings

On the contact detail screen, there is a layout button on the bottom of the left toolbar.  Select that and try the different layouts displayed there.