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Lost bottom hafl on ACT! scree

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Lost bottom hafl on ACT! scree

The bottom half of my screen - Notes - History - Activities etc. has disappeared.  How do I get it back?





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Re: Lost bottom half on ACT! Screen

This is an easy fix, but might be hard to explain.  Let me try.  There is a line (or bar) that separates the ACT screen and my guess is that you accidentally dragged it towards the top of the screen or the bottom of the screen.


Try to locate that and place your pointer on it; you'll know you have it when the pointer changes to a two headed arrow (sort of).  At that point you can either double click on the line or try dragging it up or down.


Good luck.

Tony Holowitz
John Anthony Group
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Re: Lost bottom half on ACT! Screen

Also, you may be unable to grab the separator bar because it is too far off screen.

If so, try the following kb article.

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