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Lost Emails

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Lost Emails



Using ACT! by Sage 2010 Version, Hot Fix 5
English (United States)


Windows 7 - 64 bit


I have two accounts, One is a Comcast email account the other is a standard POP mail server


I do not use Outlook but rely exclusively on the email client provided by Act!


Using it fine until today (12-17). Now I cannot see or send email via the Comcast account, though nothing has changed. I can access this accoutn from a different email client and via the Comcast web page so I know the passwords and system is fine.


I can acces the other email account just fine from within Act!


I would love to just fix the problem but may have to re-establish it, which would be rather tragic as I have diligently tagged emails to their senders.


A. If I re-establish the system, can I transfer the old emails in?

The Act setup says the following for BOTH accounts when I test connections


--Establish network connection COMPLETE

-Log onto outgoing mail server (SMTP) FAILED

-Log onto incoming mail server (POP3) FAILED

-Send test e-mail message FAILED


Again this is the report I get whether it is a working account or not.


Any ideas, help would be much appreciated. Act seems to be weak with regard to its own email system. Is there a reason I lost all the folders associated with the Comcast account (e.g. Inbox, deleted)?


Thanks much!