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Losing Data

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Losing Data

We are EXTREMELY frustrated with ACT.  We have been using ACT for about 10 years.  A couple years ago we upgraded to ACT 2006 and started losing data.  Our database would never get above about 19,000 contacts.  At fiurst, our ACT certified consultant said that she had contacted Sage and they said there was no way we could be losing data, that ACT can handle ten of thousands of contacts.  After we proved to her that contacts/date was dropping out of our ACT database, she went back to Sage and they told her that the problem was due to our having a corrupted database.  The only way to fix the problem was to upgrade to ACT 2007, create a new database and transfer our data into the newer version of ACT.  SAGE WOULD NOT COVER ANY OF THESE COSTS so we had to pay twice for the ACT upgrade and thousands of dollars to our certified consultant.  WE ARE STILL LOSING CONTACTS FROM OUR ACT DATABASE.


HELP!!!!  Does anyone else know of this problem and how to fix it?

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Re: Losing Data

1. It still sounds like a corrupted database.... the only other choice is someone on the database is deleteing the contacts

2. You NEVER upgrade a corrupted database... any corruption can produce further complications.


I would get Sage Database Services to have a look at the database -


Are you only losing contacts, or are other items like activities being lost?

How often does this happen?

Have you tried turning off the Delete option from every user except the admin?