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After performing a Lookup and finding the contact, I want to hit All Contacts and NOT go into List View, but Detail View.


Can this be achieved? 


Pretty sure I could do this in last version of ACT! 


Running 2010





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Re: Lookup

I'm not sure what you man by hit all contacts.  But if you want to go from a single contact to the whole db, the lookup all.  The list will appear, but then press F11 and you immediately drop into the active detail view.


Hope that helps

John Purdy
ACT! Premium V. 18
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Re: Lookup

I know exactly what you mean. I find it annoying that when I'm in a single Contact detail view and then go to the menu "Lookkup / All Contacts" it jumps to the List View. And I think you are correct that older versions of ACT! did not do that.


I'm not sure what the other writer is saying about hititng the F11 key. My F11 key does nothing and I don't know a way of assigning a keyboard shortcut to bring up the Detail View