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Lookup Record Creator Problem

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Lookup Record Creator Problem

I'm in a new job and am cleaning up the existing and shared database.  In order to pull up contacts that will be mine I put my name in the Record Creator field which is separate from the Record Manager field.  Now I can't get those records to be located in the lookup function.  Does anyone know what's wrong?  Thanks in advance!

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Re: Lookup Record Creator Problem

I do not recommend changing the record creator field but if you must use an internal field use the record manager field. For most of my clients I add a new field called account manager and do not use either Record Creator or Manager

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Re: Lookup Record Creator Problem

I am curious as to whether you actually modified the Record Creator field at all... Hence, why you couldn't find them later.


That field is locked by the system and is not editable - or at least shouldn't normally be.


Generally the "Record Manager" field is intended for you purpose.