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Lookup Criteria Logic

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Lookup Criteria Logic

Can anyone tell me when I do a group criteria look up an put the logic in using field name, operator and value, click add to list and do the same thing using a different value with the "OR" value.  I get all the correct contacts.  However when I add field name of email address, I have used contains no data, left it blank and use conatins for operator and @ for the value.

When email line is added, all the names come up even if they do not have an email address.  How do you get it to eliminate then names without an email address


my email is:

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Re: Lookup Criteria Logic

Ok, first off:  What version of ACT!?


Nextly:  Could please 'splain again what you are doing with the email criteria, can't quite follow you...


Are you saying that you are trying to find all emails that have a '@' in them?