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Lookup Contacts with Recurring Activity Scheduled.

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Lookup Contacts with Recurring Activity Scheduled.

Is there a way to lookup contact that have and/or do not have recurring activities setup? I want to make sure that a subset of contacts all have a specific recurring activity setup. There are a lot of contacts, and we do not have a good way to audit them to see who is assigned to what call schedule.


thanks in advance!

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Re: Lookup Contacts with Recurring Activity Scheduled.

There's not a function specifically for that, however, you can do a lookup of the contacts that have recurring activities by pulling up the task list, setting the filters for the date ranges and activity types that you wish to  see who has recurring activites, then sorting the list by the recurring activity symbol. Once you have it sorted to where all the recurring activities are at the top of the list, click the first one to select it, hold your shift key down, then click the last recurring activity on the list. This will select the first one, last one, and all the recurring activities in between. From there, right click any of the selected activities and select "create lookup". Any contact associated with the recurring activities will now be in a lookup. 

Elise O.
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