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Lookup Contacts in Detail view

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Lookup Contacts in Detail view

I am using Act Pro Vs. 20 update 7


My main screen is the contact detail view.   I used to be able to lookup a group of contacts and on the contact details line there were arrows to click forward or back to the next contact but that isn't there anymore.   If I click on View All Contacts then the Contact List pops up and I can see the Contact Details screen is there as well with all the contacts from 1 of 260 but when I click to close the List View the Contact View changes to show only one contact.   I even tried selecting all in the Contact List but it isn't working.   Act.JPG



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Re: Lookup Contacts in Detail view

I'm not sure if I'm following the description correctly.
As a Copper Contributor, please don't take offense in my comments, but it just may show that more information is needed.
From the image above, it shows a listing of 260 contacts and you are on #1 of that list.  Next to the black 260 there is a white arrow and a double white arrow.  You should be able to click on the single arrow and go to the net one or the double arrow and go to the last one.
You can also press F8 to go back to a list of just this 260 contacts.
I also noticed that the list view and the contact detail view are both being displayed.  If you are cascading the windows, that may be causing some confusion.  
Again, I see you are a Copper Contributor, so the above is very basic, and it could be that I'm missing the point - something I do all too well.
John Purdy
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Re: Lookup Contacts in Detail view

Hi John


Thanks for your response.   I have used Act for a long while and have been able to create a lookup


on my image there is the Contact List over top of the Contact Detail screen.   Previously I have been able to create a group lookup and view them on the Contact Detail Screen without seeing the Contact List.   My image is what I see after creating a group lookup but when I click on the X to close the Contact List screen the white arrows disappear.   When I close the Contact List only the first contact that was listed on the Contact List screen shows on the Contact Detail screen.   This is what I see after closing the Contact List screen.  F8 doesn't work either.  


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Re: Lookup Contacts in Detail view

Your problem is that you have set a parameter opening each ACT! view in a separate window.

Here is the place were you should uncheck that feat:post1.jpg

Andreas Schlesselmann
Melville-Schellmann GbR