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Looking for Add-on Law Firm

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Looking for Add-on Law Firm

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What is best ACT! Add-ons for Law Firms?

Looking for Case functionality (Client, Case number, Case name, ...), possible to add hours (Case Activities  StartDate, EndDate, used hours, invoicable hours, lawyer, description ), and also possibility to print out Case Reports per Case or per period.


thank you,



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Re: Looking for Add-on Law Firm

Hello Aimarvari,

Welcome to the Sage ACT! Online Community!


It may help if you add some detail to what you wish to track within the ACT! product?  While there may not be an add-on specifically for the legal sector, there may be an add-on that will add the desired function.  Examples: phone interface, enhanced calendar view, or a new table to track case numbers.

Greg Martin
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Re: Looking for Add-on Law Firm

I also haven't seen a specific one, but you could customise Opportunities or Groups for the Cases
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Re: Looking for Add-on Law Firm

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Here is an example of what I'm trying to do in my law office.  The screen shot shows that I organize certain elements of the database according to our internal "Matter Reference" or "Case Name." 


The information appears alphabetically, but it also can be sorted numerically (column 2) by our internal client or case #.  We also set up tabs to identify the different "types" of cases (e.g. family law, bankruptcy, etc).  The next column contains the official "Court case number".  And the last column that I did not circle identifies the status of the file within the workflow (waiting for info, workign on documents, waiting on a decision, pending close, etc).


Many elements of the relational database are already in ACT, such as contacts, calendar, etc.  But those of us in the legal industry need a list of our "Cases" by their name, internal number, type of matter, court number and status.  In some ways, it is like a realtor who would substitute the "Case" or "Matter Reference" with "Property Address".  To a lesser extent, it is comparable to an accountant who would need to identify the Matter to differentiate the services being rendered: for example:  Audit, Quarterly Return, etc.


Any suggestions as to how to view the information this way would be appreciated.




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Re: Looking for Add-on Law Firm

I think an ACT! Certified Consultant would be best to help you.  Most can work remotely with you and many have specialized skills in creating databases, working the design and layout, and making the data easy to enter and retrieve.  Here is the link to find one.   Brenda

Brenda Dixon
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Dixon Consulting Solutions
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