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Looking For Experienced Response on Yes/No Fields and Drop Down Fields

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Looking For Experienced Response on Yes/No Fields and Drop Down Fields

This question is really for those consultants and expertes who have been using Yes/No and Drop Down fields.  I'm looking for an opinion of what you think is the better.


Here's my scenario:

I have about 100 customers.  Each customer has a company and on that tab I now have about 75 check boxes for characteristics about them broken into about 10 categories that all my customers could share.  For example, there could be up to 5 manufacturers of a type of equipment they have, so I check that manufacturer's box -- a customer could have more than one manufacturer represented .  I'm using that information when meeting with the manufacturers to either show they are a customer of the manufacturer or a prospect of the manufacturer.. 


I've added a drop downs for almost each category to catch characteristics that are not covered by a yes/no box.  I have also found that I'm using one drop down that is growing in length, and am not sure that is wise -- but I don't know why.


I'm running out of real estate on the "profile" tab, so now I'm thinking of moving entirely over to drop downs in each category.  I may have up to 10 yes/no boxes in a category but only 1 or 2 are checked. 


What I'm really asking, is what am I not thinking about?  Searches should be covered, right? 


Should I have just a few drop down lists or create a drop down for each category?


Will reporting be easier with multiple drop downs or just a few.drop downs. 


Well, my wife said this is very confusing, but she is not technical at all.  However, I am open to a response that "this doesn't make any sense".

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