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Long Time ACT User Frustrated with ACT 2013 Calander Synchronization

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Long Time ACT User Frustrated with ACT 2013 Calander Synchronization

I have been using ACT for about 15 years. Although I have purchased multiple upgrades over the years I have stayed with ACT 2000 (Version 5) along with synchronization with a Palm Pilot. Several months ago I attempted to upgrade to ACT 2013. After several days of frustration I gave up. I am trying again but the frustration continues. ACT 2000 was nearly flawless. My data base has approximately 5,800 contacts, 12 years of history, and roughly 1,200 scheduled activities (meetings, calls and "to-do". Even though I found the performance of 2013 very show compared to 2000, I can tolerate this if I can get a workable solution for synchronization of contacts and activities. This has worked very well for me with over the years with my Palm 3. I have attempted to use ACT Connect but it is limited to about 2,500 contacts to the cloud and only 1,000 to the mobile device. All the activities end up in the calendar making it almost unusable. The synchronization with Palm put calls and meetings in the calendar and the to-do's went to the task list. I gave up on ACT Connect. I have been experimenting with the integration between ACT 2013 and the Google Calendar. I thought this might be a viable option until I realized only about 1/2 of my activities (meetings) transferred to the Google Calendar. I had to print out a calendar on paper from ACT for the next couple of months to track my schedule when I am out of the office. This is not feasible. I am now considering Companion Link as an option. Can anyone provide any feedback on this? I was considering getting an Apple I-Pod Touch and using this as I have used my Palm Pilot in the past. From the Companion Like Site it appears this has to be done wirelessly with Apple products. This would be an issue as I do not currently have wireless at my office. Has anyone had any experience with Companion Like and a device that can be connected with a USB? I would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks you, Mike
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Re: Long Time ACT User Frustrated with ACT 2013 Calander Synchronization

Hello mckmike62,

I have being using ACT! in last 16 years.

Actually I have ACT! Pro 2013. I also use MS Office 2010 and use Outlook as defautl e-mail system.

Need to update my signature...!

Major concern is sync Outlook messages. Very unstable. To overcome problem I invested in "Outlook Integrate R1". It is much more reliable...but it is not work at this time. Minor problem (I hope) after a disk crash and re-install.

I also use IPhone 4 and IPad 4.

Use to synch using Companion Link with two different profiles for each device.

Also using (and works fine for me) "Handheld Contact"

My database has 2.180 contacts and history for last 13 years.

I use to send (just send) to IPhone all contacts and 90 days of history and to IPad all contacts and two years of history.

I have several add-ons from Exponenciel (all work very well) and Durkin Computing (Impact Suite) wich is very nice and has a lot of good stuff and allways being developed. dpHistory from Hogan Data is also very nice.

Works fine for me but (again) due to way I work I only send data do mobile devices.

If I need to send data from IPad to ACT! I use Handheld Contact.

I hope this help you.

Mac, Jorge A. Mac Genity
Using ACT! by Sage 2013 Pro Version, on Windows 7
Intel Core I7-2600 CPU @ 3,40 GHz
12,0 GB - 64 bits - NVidia GForce GTX 360 SE