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Locking fields to prevent overwrite

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Locking fields to prevent overwrite



Does anyone know if there's a function in ACT Pro 2012 that lets you have a "read only" and regular "data entry" mode?

Trying to prevent users from accidentally overwriting information in fields.

Ideally, we could easily switch between the two if we want to add/change information.


I should add this is using a remote database.




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Re: Locking fields to prevent overwrite

Most of what you want is available in the premium version of the ACT! program but not in pro. In premium you can set fields to be read/write for all, read only for some users and read/write for other users or even set so that some users can;t even see the field data.
Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Locking fields to prevent overwrite

Roy is correct and just want to add that even on Premium changes would need to be done on the master database and not a remote like you are using.