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Locking Column View?

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Locking Column View?

I've been trying to find a way to lock my 1st two columns in the Contact list view

so I can scroll across and still have the 1st two columns in view.

I do this in excel I believe it's called "freezing"

I have act 2008 can't seem to find any info on this.


Appreciate any help.

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Re: Locking Column View?

You cannot freeze columns in the contact list.  You can setup an OLEDB connection in Excel to view ACT! data.  Then you can freeze the columns in Excel.


How to Manually Start OLEDB

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Re: Locking Column View?

We have an add-on called Contact List Plus for ACT! that has a 'Freeze columns' feature and adds many other features to the contact list such as; color rules, saving custom lists, column totals and sub totals, row grouping and many other features.


1- Install the free trial from the link below.

2- Open ACT and go to the contact list view

3- Right click on the desired column header and select "Freeze Column" from the pop-up menu


Hope that helps

-- jim durkin