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Using ACT! for Financial Professionals v11


I am hoping there is someone out there willing to share VB knowledge with ListBoxes in the ReportDesigner. 

I have aLlistbox, let us call it MonthList, that is a Multiselect Listbox.  I am trying to take each item that is selected and put it into its own string.  I can get one string of everything that is selected with the following VB code:


Dim strLst as String

strLst = MonthList1.Text

Custom1.Text = strLst


Now Custom1 will display the selected items separated by a semicolon.   I want to take each item that is in Custom1 and put it in it's own string.  So for example, if the MonthList had a multiselection of APR MAY and DEC, strLst will have APR;MAY;DEC.

I would like to be able to have

Custom1.Text show APR

Custom2.Text show MAY

Custom3.Text show DEC


Any help would be greatly appreciated.