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Linking two fields

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Linking two fields



I have a serial number field and a memo "history" field that I need to have linked together.  Not sure how or if it is possible.


Basically having the service history of a certain serial number stay together.  Any help is awesome help...

Nickel Super Contributor
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Re: Linking two fields

So there is data in both fields, and you want to combine the data? If so, you can always export to excel and combine the columns there, then import back in. 

Michael Matthews
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Re: Linking two fields

Hello JT


It sounds like you have a customer/contact that has a serial number of something.  You would like to track the history of that serial number.


Without the use of advanced programming from one of the ACT Certified consultants, you might want to create a contact for each serial number.  You would be able to keep a history that way.  O fcourse we don't know how many are involved. 


If Swiftpage ever gives us a memory field in secondary contacts, that would be a good way.  If you think that would for you, then make sure you make a recommendation in suggestions section of the community board.


Otherwise, you should see some suggestions from some of the consultants who frequent this forum.

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Re: Linking two fields

For our clients requiring this type of thing we'd use a custom table, normally we'd use Durkin Impact Suite.