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Linking contacts to each other

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Linking contacts to each other

I'd like to be able to link contacts directly to each other via a field, so I can hyperlink between them.  For instance, I'd love for the "assistant name," "referred by," and "spouse" fields to be hyperlink-enabled, so if the people named in those fields are also Act! contacts I can just click on the name and jump to their records.  Another thing that would be useful for the "referred by" field would be the ability to generate a lookup of all the people that the person in that field has referred to me.  So if John Doe referred is a consultant who sent 23 people my way, it would be great to just click and get that list.  Yes, I know I can filter a lookup based on the contents of the "referred by" field, but then I'm relying on the person's name being typed in the same way by everyone all the time, and it also a lot more steps to answer the question, "hey, I wonder who else that guy referred to us?"


I doesn't look like Act! has this sort of thing (I have dug around in field properties looking for something like "hyperlink to contact record").  Anyone solved this in some creative way?



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Re: Linking contacts to each other

The best solution is to go and get a copy of Jim Durkin's associater program as it was designed for what you want to do. If you want to do this inside ACT then you could use the company entity and link all of the contacts that you want to associate with each other via this method similar to adding contacts to a group
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