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Linking Contacts?? Please Help.......

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Linking Contacts?? Please Help.......

Hello All

I’ve been using Act for sometime now and it has done the job I needed it to do and it was pretty simple….However….


I’m starting another Data Base of prospective contacts, I can set it up lind of like I did before, no big problem there.  But here’s what I would like to do, so please let me know if this makes sense and help me understand how to do it.


My new data base will be centered around the hotel industry.  You have the following groups:


--The Company that actually owns the Hotel

--The Hotel Management Company (That may manage hotels only for one owner or several owners)

--The individual hotel properties


How do I like those various assets?  Lets say I have a local hotel, that is managed by ABC Hotel Management, yet that Hotel or Hotels are owned by Mr Big (The actual owner)


I would like to be able to do a look up to see which hotels that Mr. Big owns, but maybe they are not managed by ABC Hotel Management


Or maybe I want to a look up to see what all hotels are managed by ABC Hotel management because they manage more properties other than Mr. Big’s ?


Does this make sense or am I making this too complicated?






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Re: Linking Contacts?? Please Help.......

Hi markallan4.


I'm thinking that it would be easiest to use the relationship tab.  Since using the relationship tab is not part of the Companies view, it all has to be done in the contacts view.  Here's what I would do.


For companies that could have several people working there, you might want to consider making another ABC Hotel contact with the name "ABC UI", where UI stands for Useful Information.  You can then have multiple relationships.  You can then look up a property or a person and see the ones they are involved with.


Hope that helps.

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Re: Linking Contacts?? Please Help.......

The way I would do this is to create each hotel as a contact, and then create 2 custom fields, one for Owner and one for Management Company. You can do searches by each unique field, so you can lookup just the hotels from a certain owner, or management group, or both.