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Linked fields question

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Linked fields question

When fields are linked, is it possble to add information to a field in the contact sheet, and then update linked information to transpose this information to the company ?

I know it works the other way around, but can this be done ?

Does not seem to work for me... i'm looking for a way of doing that

I have 97 contacts in my lookup, I want them and their companys to have the information Campaign 0001 in the field Marketing Campaign

How can I lookup those 97 companies based on the 97 contacts if I can't do it by using linked fields ?
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Re: Linked fields question

I've read this a few times and am not quite sure what you want to do.  It sounds like you want to look up either the 97 contacts with that string in it or you want to look up the "Companies" that have contacts with that string in it.   


My first question is at what point is "Campaign 0001" entered?  It is entered into a contact screen or in a "Companies" screen.  It is my understanding that the linked process is a one to many and not a many to many or many to one.


My first gut is to do a lookup on the contacts with the data and then export them to Excel taking advantage of pivot tables focused on the company name.


I've seen some pretty creative answers on this board, so hopefully someone will jump in with a different approach. 


Good luck.



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Re: Linked fields question

the idea was to enter information into the contact, and have "update linked contact" feed it to the the company screen... but it only works the other way around (as far as I know)

so I exported my contacts and re-imported the info. into companies, worked just as well