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Linked Fields Do Not Link With New Contacts

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Linked Fields Do Not Link With New Contacts

ACT 2010, Hotfix 2


I think I asked this question before.


I am using linked fields between companies and contacts.  It appears that when I add a new contact to the db the fields are there but don't seem to carry forward the information.


For example, I have a Companies field called Useful Information (Type Memo) linked to a contact's field called Useful Information (Type Memo).  I have the Contact "Useful Information" in a report, but only the contacts were in the db before the fields were created and linked will display the information in in that field.  Contacts created after have noting in that field. 


Does anyone have an idea of how to fix this?

John Purdy
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Re: Linked Fields Do Not Link With New Contacts

You would think that creating a new contact record from an existing company record would indeed populate the linked fields aside from the default address/phone fields, but it does not.  Looking through the documentation, I do not see any indication that it should do this, so I don't think this is a bug as much as 'functioning as designed'.


Workaround, FWIW, is to create the contact record, and then from the company record run the 'Update Linked Contacts' function from the Companies menu.