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Licensing Software Update: v18.x

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Licensing Software Update: v18.x

i have recently been asked to replace an windows 2008R2 server due to CVE-2020-1472, everything is ready to go except Act


the server acted at the database server for act V18 Pro


i have been stuck in trail mode of act v18 unable to activate with an valid serial, activation over internet failed, only option was via email which as yet has not been responded to. lower tier support follow a script to push the cloud version which is not compliant.


i have seen some a few posts here and pointed to


does this mean that act is unable to activate and forcing customers into an subscription over perpetual licence.


if unable to activate act v18, what are the best options.


Thanks Martin

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Re: Licensing Software Update: v18.x

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The old licencing system is redundant, Swiftpage were issuing replacement licences for ACT versions V18.and above plus a software patch for the new licence system..


Swiftpage were issuing replacement licences and you should contact them with your details and existing licence number to find if you are eligible, I have found clients are first directed to an upgrade to V22 but if ask directly why the cannot have a replacement for the existing licence they are then are given one.


You will need to patch V18 to the latest V18 version so that you can enter the new licence number.


Link to downloads here but make sure you have a new licence first.


Act! Pro v18 SP1 Update then Act! v18.2 Update 7





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Re: Licensing Software Update: v18.x

is there a special was to contact swiftpage? all the links i have found lead to act support pages.


i take it to be eligible, would be to have had an ongoing support subscription. 


the way that act was used was self hosted so major releases were purchased with 1 year support. we found that outside data transfer and maybe new layouts there was no support required. in 20 years of using ACT probably less than 10 support queries.


plan at the moment is wait till Tuesday to contact the accounts manager to have a copy of invoices of purchased licences.





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Re: Licensing Software Update: v18.x

Do you also have it on other machines or just the server?
If you have the license on another PC, update that with Up7 and it will update your license to the new format. Then you can copy it from Help | About and use it on the server.

Otherwise, only customer service (or your ACC) can help you.