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Licenses "removed" after I moved the data file

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Licenses "removed" after I moved the data file

We had a server crash, so i moved the data file to another pc.  ACT 2009.

I backed up, then "restored as".


We have 5 active licenses.  Now we only have one.  The reason I ask, is that it is timeconsuming to reactivate (I have to enter, then request by email throught the ACT registration a new authorization number -- that is from my memory.)

1.  Should i reinstall a different way to keep the licenses active, and /or

2.  Is there an easier way to reactivate licenses without the extra work and time to get an activation code?

Thank you.

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Re: Licenses "removed" after I moved the data file

If it was only your server that crashed the licenses will be fine on all the PCs, but no there really isn't any better way to transfer the licenses. Trying to do anything too funny with licenses usually will mess up the Protexis service.


Activation may be a pain, but it is there to protect everyone. If you explain you had a server crash they may be able to reset them so you can activate online.


Good luck!