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Letter Template Autofill

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Letter Template Autofill

I have customized Act templates, like the Letter Template to meet my needs, but I must be missing something.


When I make a template, and insert an autofill, say it looks like this:

<Contact>, LSmiley Tonguehone> <Phone>, <L:Fax> <Fax>




It will autofill the fields, but if my contact does not have a fax number, it brings the title up to the upper line after "Fax:" like this:


Bill Gates, Phone: 503-555-5555, Fax: Ex CEO of Microsoft

1234 Seacoast Lane


Then I have to remember to put in a carriage return and delete "Fax:" or it looks crappy.


Or, if the contact doesn't have a title it leaves an empty line after the contact and address, like this:


Bill Gates, Phone: 503-555-5555, Fax: 503-555-5505


1234 Seacoast Lane


Then I have to delete the line to bring the address back up under the name.


Is there a way I can make an autofill that will not insert either of these two <L:FaxSmiley Embarassed <Fax> when the contact doesn't have a Fax number and a way to not put in the extra blank line if the contact doesn't have a title? 


Thanks for your help in advance.  

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Re: Letter Template Autofill

Hi Dbisbee,


I believe this is working as designed, unfortunately - as when a field is blank Act will 'collapse' the line and move the content below it up.


That's because in the most common usage - filling in the address in the letter head - it would be desirable to have Address Line 3 or City 'collapsed' if blank, for example.


The only real workaround for this is to have a few different forms of the same template - some with fax, some with fax removed - and then lookup your customers based on whether the Fax field contains data - and mail merge the appropriate groups with the appropriate template.


Not ideal, I understand, but it should work.