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If I hit my layouts button on the bottom left side of my screen, I have 4 different layouts to choose from. The one that I use Has our logo and all the fields that I need and use. However, when I go Tools, Design Layouts, contact and change or delete a field I get this error message saying " Error saving layout: Access to path "Name of path"" is denied. How come I get this error? Also, how come all the layouts are differnt? I don't get the whole different layout thing. I figure there would be two layouts. One layout we always use and one layout for the web. I have 4 layouts and don't understand why. If I could get some clarification and help that would be great. Thanks.
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Re: Layouts

The other layouts are probably the default layouts.  You can have as many layouts as you want.  For what purposes they're used for it up to the user. 


Make sure proper permissions are set on the database files folder. Also try making the changes on the server itself.