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Layout design challenges

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Layout design challenges

I am editing a template and there is a field that I cannot find.  When I checked the properties window, it shows that the location was 0,0 and the size was 0,0.  I changed the location and size and color but it does not show up anywhere.  Any suggestions on how to find it?  I need it b/c it pulls info that is stored in the database.


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Re: Layout design challenges

A position of 0, 0 would place the field in the upper left corner of the tab it is on or the same if on the main detail screen...


A size of 0, 0 would make it rather hard to see!


Have you change both the position and the size to something like 100, 100 and 20, 200?


Is it possible that even if you change the size, it is under another control?


Is it possible that you layout is corrupted?  Try creating a new layout and placing said field on it...