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Layout Error

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Layout Error

I was updating our layout design yesterday and before I could save it ACT encountered a problem and had to close.  Now I can't open that layout at all and have 5 people waiting to get into that layout.  We can use another layout but it doesn't have all the information that we need.  I talked with ACT support and they told me to restore my database.  There's nothing wrong with my database, just my layout.  Any suggestions?

Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: Layout Error

You have a corrupted layout. The layout is included in the backup so there is a good copy there. Your best bet is to do a Restore As of your database to a different location on the hard drive and then copy the layout from that restored copy to your working copy, then you can delete the Restore As copy of the database.
Roy Laudenslager
ACT! Certified Consultant