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Last time with ACT!

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Last time with ACT!

This will probably get deleted, but I just want to warn people.

Hands down Sage/ACT! is the absolute worst when it comes to support. Their support can be summed up in one phrase. BUY our new product.

I used ACT! for close to 18 years. Previously, I had versions of ACT! where Windows was upgraded and ACT! would not work with the upgrade. In one case, the version I was using was about 18 months old. Called Sage. BUY our new software.

The second time, I had to spend $350.00 with an ACT! contractor to get my 15 month old version to work with Windows 7.

Now Windows upgrades to Windows 10. Any surprise that my 2011 version of ACT! doesn't work. Sage's solution? BUY the newest version. We no longer support your version. It appears that they only support versions of their products for about a year.

Error message is always the same with each upgrade. Paraphrased. You offline server database is no accesible . . . Since my database is on MY computer, that appears to be a rather stupid software issue that Sage should not be having issues with.

I'm going to upgrade. Next step. Switch over to ANY contact software other than ACT!

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Re: Last time with ACT!

HI WallyOB,


First I would like to thank you for being a member for 18 years, we appreciate you sticking by our side!


I am also sorry to hear that you previously had bad experiences with Sage. We are currently working on the known issues between Act! V.17 and the new Windows 10 update. As Act! 2011 was created well before the release of Windows 10 we cannot guarantee that the software will be compatible, although I have had many Act! 2011 members mention they have been able to get their database to work with the update, I will see if I can tackle down one of the post to see if it can provide you some additional assistance. Please let you know if you have other questions.

I will also post an update when the know issues have been reported as solved.

Thank you,
Brittany Roberts

Brittany Roberts
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Re: Last time with ACT!

But your Act 2011 won't work with Office 2013 anyway...


Your software is 5 years old


What did you expect?


The new world involves a SaaS future. Expect to have to keep on paying.


It's just the way the world now is.



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Re: Last time with ACT!

Act! 2011 uses SQL 2008 R2 and Microsoft dropped support for SQL 2008 R2 in Windows 10.


Windows 10 supports SQL 2012 and SQL 2014.


SQL 2012 was first certified for Act! v16 (Act! 2014) and SQL 2014 was first certified for the current version of Act! which is v17.  SQL 2012 uses .NET 3.5 and SQL 2014 uses .NET 4.0.  Windows 10 comes with .NET 3.5 disabled but it can be enabled and SQL 2012 can be used but Microsoft recommends that you use SQL 2014 with Windows 10.


I am recommending that my clients upgrade to Act! v17 if they want to use Windows 10 and that they simultaneously update to SQL 2014.  There are some nice new features in the later versions and SQL 2014 should be more stable than SQL 2008 R2.


If you would like to get more out of ACT! you can find an ACT! Certified Consultant near you by going
Stan Smith
ACT! Certified Consultant
ADS Programming Services, Inc.
(205) 222-1661
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Re: Last time with ACT!


Thank you for a potential solution to my problem.

THAT was the type of thing I was hoping to get.


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Re: Last time with ACT!

Given your responses, I could really care about your opinion.