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Keeping the Database on a Flash Drive

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Keeping the Database on a Flash Drive

I am currently using Act! 2008 and will be upgrading to Act! 2011 shortly after the new year.  The program resides on a Dell Latitude D600 laptop running XP Pro.  Processor is a 1.4g Pentium with 1g installed RAM.  Hard drive is 160g 5400 rpm with approximately 57g free.    ACT! activity has always been sluggish on this machine and while I understand performance would increase with a faster hard drive, replacing the drive is not an option right now.  I'm thinking that performance might improve by moving the database to a flash drive instead of leaving it on the hard drive.  Is there any reason NOT to do this for both 2008 and 2011?





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Re: Keeping the Database on a Flash Drive

Memory sticks (USB flash drives) do not have nearly the response time of a physical hard drive.  This is not recomended.  More physical memory (RAM) might speed things up a bit.

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