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Keep Track of Several "Jobs" per Customer Contact

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Keep Track of Several "Jobs" per Customer Contact

Act 2010

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Windows 7 Pro


We would like to streamline our Act! 2010 database. We have many customers who have purchased from us several times. Is there a way to have 1 file per customer (with their basic info) but multiple (unlimited) purchase files? 


For example: John Doe purchased a building from us in 2010, so we have an Act file for John for that one purchase with all the needed information that we need to track and need to keep for future reference. However John then purchased a different building from us in 2015, so we had to make a new Act file with the new building project information... 


Instead I would like to have 1 Act file for John Doe, but different attached files for each of his building projects - each file containing the information we need to keep for each project (separate from his previous projects, but linked to him directly).


Can this be done? Or will I need to continue to have separate files for John Doe and each of his projects?

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Re: Keep Track of Several "Jobs" per Customer Contact

You can use the Opportunities to track the different purchases for each contact.
Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Keep Track of Several "Jobs" per Customer Contact

Exactly as Roy has said, you can use the opportunities section to create a record that can be "associated" with a contact. Then you can have a separate opportunity for each project, all associated with one contact.

With the new release that's coming soon, v20.1, we're launching a feature called Custom Tables - this allows you to further create and customise additional record types like opportunities. It might be worth checking that out once it releases.