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Issues / Problems with Act

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Issues / Problems with Act

  1. Unable to drag and drop multiple activities from one to the next.
  2. Attached email to contacts (Incoming mail)
  3. Organization chart  small type
  4. Only 100 emails per send
  5. Activities and Scheduling--- In an older version of ACT!, specifically ACT! 5.0, it was possible to drag multiple activities from one day to another day. For example, I was able to take all of the calls I did not get to in one day, and in one simple step drag them to the next day. However, this feature is no longer available in present versions of the software. This was an amazing feature and I would like to see it either in an update for ACT! 2009 or in the upcoming version.
  6. Email---In ACT! 2006 it was possible to automatically open an Email template with one click on a contacts Email. Why was this feature removed in ACT! 2009? It saved me time, and now, because it is no longer present, costs me much more time and therefore money. I have to go through several steps to use my Email template rather than a single click. Please update the current version of ACT! or at the very least include this in the next.
  7. Activities and Scheduling---While looking at my activities and calendar events I found that it was impossible to sort my schedule in a readable and prioritized manner. It seems that if I was able to sort by two of the categories in the list, my problem would be fixed. For example, I would like to sort first by date and then by company or contact. If this feature could be included in an update for ACT! 2009 or in the next version I would greatly appreciate it.
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Re: Issues / Problems with Act

Hello ColemanOne,

Welcome to the Act! Online Community!


Your list looks to be a set of feature requests.  These would be better submitted through the Share Your Ideas board.  Submitted through the Share Your Ideas board will allow other community members to comment and vote (give kudos) on it.


To address some items on your list:

2. Not aware of your set up, but if you are integrated with Outlook you can create a rule within Outlook that will automatically attempt to attach all incoming emails.  See this article: KB Article 23020

4. 100 emails per send > if you are integrated with Outlook, this is a recommended limit to prevent a mail merge from failing due to system resources.

5. Since you cannot drag multiple activities, as an alternative you can use the 'Roll-Over' function which will prompt you to move the uncleared activities to the current day when you open the database.  You can set the preference for Roll-Over through the Tools > Preferences > Calendar and Scheduling tab > Scheduling Preferences.

Greg Martin
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Re: Issues / Problems with Act

 I am having two problems with my email.  I use Act 2010 email &  Windows 7. 


1.  I cannot reply to most company email addresses.  It sits in the outbox.  I have to forward it to work.


2.  I can only send to about 5 email addresses at a time, anymore than that it sits in the outbox.


Thanks for your help