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Is there an easy way to hide Groups?

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Is there an easy way to hide Groups?

In the Group detail view we have a long list of all the various groups we have. A vast majority of them are no longer day to day relevant, but we'd still like to keep them in existence. Is there a way to hide them from view?

The cumbersome way seems to be just putting them into subgroups to hide them, but I'm hoping for a way to set a default view that we could set to omit certain groups.

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Re: Is there an easy way to hide Groups?

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No. As far as I know, there is no other way, other  than as you already mentioned, by Subgrouping.

May help in your case to have a GROUP called: Seldom Used Groups? or Old Groups? or Hidden Groups etc.. 

 Make all those seldom used groups a subgroup of the One Old Groups..

Then there may be a Option B?

Using Tools / Define Fields;

You can create a New Field called: MyGroups and possibly a New Drop Down called MyGroups.

 Define the field/drop down as Multi-select so you can select multiple groups.

 Then apply that new Group field to your Contact Layout.( Tools/Design Layout/contact )

By applying the new Groups field to the Contact Layout, you dont even have to leave the Contacts module of ACT! to view Group info. No need to go to the groups module of ACT!. You will need to consider the impact of your Write Templates and Reports. May need to modify some of them? (File/Save as).

Then When you add the items to your Group Drop Down List/Edit list values)

 You can start the group names with a number: 010 Main Group , then 011 Subgroup numbers: ex:

010 Automotive Customer Groups

011 Car Parts Customer

015 Used Car Customer

020 Home Kitchen Customer Groups

021 Appliances Customer

023 Dishwares Customer

030 Sporting Goods Customer Groups

031 etc..


I utilize both methods.

Cheers- FSB

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Re: Is there an easy way to hide Groups?

Thanks for the advice. I think we're going to end up just hiding them all in an "old groups" group.