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Is there a "Nuclear Option" to speed up task completion?

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Is there a "Nuclear Option" to speed up task completion?

Hello all.  This is the 3rd time on this and maybe someone might know.  I have ACT! 2010 and have totally formatted my computer.  I have 1.5 gig of RAM, 7200 RPM and 2.9 GigaHtz Pentium 4 in computer speed. 


Nevertheless, it is still a problem to complete a task. It takes between 6-8 seconds for a completion of a task trying to close the "Clear Activity" form.


Is there a nuclear option to speed this up?



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Re: Is there a "Nuclear Option" to speed up task completion?



For the first few times, it sped up the completion of tasks, but for some reason, it went back to it's same old same old.


I might as well ask:  IS ANYONE else having this problem?  I need to know because I will continue to try to tweak my system to get the tasks to complete faster.   This really is disappointing for ACT! 2010.


I just formatted my computer again so it can't be the system. I tweaked all that could be tweaked.


Is there anything in the Preferences or Registry(for the ACT! program)  that could speed this up?


Please?  Pretty Please?



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Re: Is there a "Nuclear Option" to speed up task completion?

I just added the suggested KB960417 Hotfix and I have not noticed change. I did not realize how long 36 seconds was until I waited for an activity to clear. I read in a separate message on the forum that clearing an activity from the calendar is faster, YES I tested it and it does cut the time in half from 36 seconds to 16 seconds!!


I was hoping that ACT! 2010 Hotfix 3 would resolve the lag time in completing an activity but it did not. My hopes are still high as ACT is my lifeline at work. I love ACT, I have been a user since 1998 and I have gone through my ups and downs with updates and slow downs. I just feel bad for my co-workers, I talked everyone into the upgrade to the system runs slower then the 2007 version we were on. I have noticed that I am reading more on the Product Forum, in hopes that I am not the lone crazy person thinking that 36 seconds is a long time.


I hope product development is reading...we have faith...PLEASE FIX IT!!

Thank you,
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Re: Is there a "Nuclear Option" to speed up task completion?

Mr Lazarus I registered to thank you for pointing me in this direction.  THANK YOU!


At first ACT!2010 was behaving well despite our large database imported through the years. Soon workstations were being replaced and users with new tech had no issues.


The users with older tech (still well within spec for ACT) were experiencing time-outs where any changes in the database made by any user led to a 15-25 second wait where they had no control over ACT. Along with the lag there was also poor performance on the Calendar. The various hotfixes did a lot to improve performance but a couple of my users were really suffering. 


This KB cleared up the problem right away and is the culmination of many hours of scouring the web for answers.


Thankyou again. Because of you my ACT rose from the dead Smiley Happy



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Re: Is there a "Nuclear Option" to speed up task completion?

Glad it helped :-)

Over 75% of ACT! support issues are actually Microsoft components that need tweaking or repair
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Re: Is there a "Nuclear Option" to speed up task completion?


I am having the same issues on a Win-7 machine...about 15-20 seconds to clear an activity.  I tried all of the other things I can think of and this option doesnt apply to Win 7.  I tried isolating the issue and it replicates across systems and ACT versions so it appears to be a data thing. I tried on ACT 2013 and v16, same results  / Any other ideas? 

John Tytus
Prescience, LLC
Cincinnati, OH