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Is it possible to conduct a lookup via the "Associate with" field?

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Is it possible to conduct a lookup via the "Associate with" field?

Hi All,


Here is a quick background info of what I am trying to do.  I am using ACT 10


We represent a number of Tenants and a number of Property Owners in the commercial real estate industry.  The Property Owners own a number of properties.  The Tenants can be in either one or in more than one of these properties. 


So this can be a rough scenario: 


Tenant 1 in Property 1 owned by Owner 1

       and  in Property 2 owned by Owner 2


The Owners would sometimes ask for updates with regard to their tenants.  How would you structure the lookup / setup?


Currently the Properties are set up as a "Group", i.e., Property 1 = Group 1, etc.

However, if I add Tenant 1 to Group 1 AND Group 2 (because the Tenant is in both Properties), the Group report I generate will include notes / activities / histories from BOTH Groups and for BOTH Owners.  I want to be able to separate & extract the Activities of one Tenant by the Property associated with it, so that Owner 1 does not see activities of the tenant relating to Owner 2.   


I noticed that there is a "Associated with" selection under the Activities entry area, and I am able to associate individual Activities of that one Tenant with a particular Property (Group).  However, I am not sure how I can conduct a lookup via the "Associated with" option.  Is this possible?


I am not sure whether the above makes sense.  Please let me know if I can clarify the problem.  Your expertise is greatly appreciated!