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Is Act! synch between computers reliable?

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Is Act! synch between computers reliable?

I am strongly considering a move to Act 2010 from my old Goldmine 6.5 .   My current set-up involves a Palm device, on which I enter most of my calendar data, an office desktop, and a home desktop.  Currently I am able to synch my Palm at home, and synch via email between my 2 computers.  This is ideal for me.


First and most important, will my Palm Tungsten E synch happily with Act 2010?  Will I need to use a Companion Link, or is it native to Act? (Eventually I'm moving to a Droid, but that's another story, and won't be possible right away anyway)


Secondly, is it possible to synch between the two remote computers, and is it rock solid reliable?  Husband, an old Goldmine guy, says Act synch between computers is dicey.


Any other concerns I should have?



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Re: Is Act! synch between computers reliable?