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Internet Sync Access

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Internet Sync Access

I work for a small non-profit that upgraded to ACT 10.0 about 9 months ago.  We have been trying to get synchronization to work ever since, with no success.  Here is our setup:
We purchased 3 units of software and installed 2 of them on desktop PC's that are on an internal network in the office.  The 3rd license we purchased to allow us to have an out-of-office employee install on her laptop.  We wanted to be able to have her synchronize with the main database via the internet from her home location.
We have the main database resident on my computer.  The other in-house worker can access that database without any problem (finally) through our internal network.  I have created a remote database for the 3rd, out-of-office person, but that's where everything falls apart.  I have been trying to synchronize from that remote database which I unpacked and restored, but synchronization never goes through.  The error I receive says "ACT! is unable to connect to the Sync Server.  Check to be sure "accept synchronization" is enabled in the main database and that the Network sync service is running.  Also be sure you are connected to your network.  Contact your administrator for assistance."  Unfortunately, I AM the administratorSmiley Happy
To answer your anticipated next question: Yes, "accept synchronization" is enabled in the main database. 
I have also tried changing the port from 65100 to 65200 on both databases, after reading through some of your other forum threads.  That didn't work either.
We have turned off firewalls.  That didn't help.
However, when I created the remote database I did have a problem which I wonder may be the source of my trouble.  I did not have the option of choosing whether  the sync could be either behind an internal firewall or via the internet.  The latter did not even show up on the drop down, although the instructions said you should be able to toggle between those 2 choices.
My remote office worker is going to be in the office again next Monday, and I'd really like to get this resolved so that we can use the software the way we intended when we bought it.  We used to be able to sync with ACT! 6 but it was no longer supported, so we bit the financial bullet and updated.  So far, we have regretted the purchase.  Please help us change our minds.  We are a tiny non-profit that can't afford poor use of our resources!
Thanks so much!
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Re: Internet Sync Access

The "Internet" option in setting up sync is if you have an IIS server and the Premium version of ACT!.
The Standard version of ACT! does require that you have ACT! open with the database loaded as per this ACT! Knowledge Base article -