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Integration & Sync issues

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Integration & Sync issues

I'm in Windows 8.1 and Act Pro 16 and Office 2013.


I upgraded both Act and MS-Office about 6 month ago and since then, I've had 2 integration problems which had been working prior to that.


1). ACT no longer syncs with Google Calendar in spite of my having re-checked the sync settings.  They all seem to be correct.


2). When I use Write/Email message from template, it always fails the first time, but if I repeat the command, it usually succeeds in creating a merged email the 2nd time.


Three questions:


I've already had to reinstall ACT twice.  If I reinstall again to address these issues, am I in danger of using up my valid installs and possibly not being able to install at all without getting tech support (paid) help to reset my license?


Same question with MS-Office.  Do you think reinstalling Office might help problem 2?


Any other suggestions on how to fix these problems?




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Re: Integration & Sync issues

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The google synch issue is covered ad nauseum in the post right above your question.  Go Here to learn.

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